Ed Romanoff

New Album "The Orphan King" is available now!

"Romanoff may be a late bloomer, but it's obvious his talent has been lurking for a long time..." -- PopMatters

"Ed Romanoff’s new album, The Orphan King, is a gem. From the first verse of the opening track, 'Mrs. Worby’s Ghost', you feel like you’re in good hands. He’s a great storyteller and the record just feels relaxed and un-rushed."— Red Line Roots

"The adroit execution and sense of foreboding and finesse drive these melodies and give the entire album a feeling of cohesion, both in concept and creation. Consider this a striking venture." -- Country Standard Times

"Ed Romanoff's vocal delivery has a resonant hum, deep notes granting his words an honest warmth..." -- Alternate Root

"Romanoff shows that he is a singer-songwriter worth getting to know. His voice and his storytelling bring to mind some of the greats...If you're a fan of good storytelling, this album will be a welcome addition to your collection." -- AXS

"Blending blues, country, folk and bluegrass, the rich storytelling lyrics evoke Romanoff’s trademark – a sense of hopeful melancholy...Romanoff proved to the music community, and to himself, that it is never too late."—The Country Note

“Romanoff’s work reminds me a lot of Pride’s; somber and contemplative, rich with insight and introspection.”—Blue Ridge Outdoors

[Of "Less Broken Now"] "Guitar strings chime and voices blend beautifully as Ed Romanoff offers a graceful goodbye with the kiss-off kick of 'Less Broken Now'."—The Alternate Root

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