Ed Romanoff

New Album "The Orphan King" coming in 2018!

Ed Romanoff’s eleven song, self-titled debut was a Roots Radio Top 100 Album for 2012, has been played in 13 countries and ranked as high as number 12 on the European Americana Charts.  Produced by Crit Harmon, the album’s smoky haze and rustic sounds paint a moody landscape to showcase Ed’s earthy voice and features cameo vocal appearances from Josh Ritter, Tift Merritt and Meg Hutchinson.

Cutting a wide emotional swath, nine songs from Ed’s inaugural effort won top awards at The International Songwriting Competition, USA Songwriting Competition, The Great American Song Contest and The Nashville Songwriters Association International Competition. Most recently he joined Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, James McMurtry, and Nanci Griffith as a New Folk Winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival.  Ed lives in New York City with his Costa Rican rescue dog, Freckles, and is currently finishing his first book.

Very Short Stories About Ed

the first 45 he bought was the ballad of bonnie and clyde

it was a john prine record that made him want to learn guitar

he bought his first yamaha guitar at 17 for 75 dollars

“hello in there” was the first song he learned, the b flat was a killer

ed writes mostly about things that happened

he doesn’t recommend his songs to people who are already sad.

he doesn’t think his songs are actually that sad..

ed has had more random unrelated jobs than anyone he’s ever met

this includes cattle brander, jackhammer operator, and conveyor belt worker at a teflon factory

he lived in conn, va, nc, mass, wyo, dc and now ny

he should not be allowed to operate a forklift

it took 1 year and 2 generations to make his record

he loves words, whiskey and chicken wings

he used to be russian

now he’s irish

he’s been listening to songs for a long time

he started to write them about 5 years ago

he thinks the best answer to most questions is “why do you ask?”

he wrote a song that ran on the cbs show “love monkey”…it was canceled the next episode

he can snatch 100 pennies from off his elbows

he’s glad his record is done so he can write about something else

he was born in connecticut when eisenhower was president

he went to helen street elementary school

his grandmother called him eddie

he pranked his high school library by checking out all the books

when he was young he decided to try to go through high school and college without reading a book from start to finish

he did it

he reads a lot of books now

he lives in new york with freckles, a rescue from costa rica

he writes songs with a lot of words